In the northern part of North America formed cold air masses

In the northern part of North America formed cold air masses Weather and Climate

Cold air will continue to spread over the southern and eastern part of the United States, the lowest temperatures are expected in New Mexico, West Texas and the Great Lakes. The storm that brought snow to Front Range of the Rockies and Great Plains will have an impact on the upper Midwest over the weekend, which will bring changes in weather.

Toward the north formed the colder air masses that will strike on the Canadian prairies in the middle of the week where the temperature drops to zero. Part of the cold mass affects the U.S. next week, especially in the area of the Plains and Midwest.

Cold weather in Medjugorje and the western Great Plains. In Denver's temperature was around 20 ° C, but because of the constant snow and wind with a speed of 32 km / h the temperature dropped to 0 — 5 ° C.

Weakened, a snow storm will go to Ontario and Quebec. Another snow system will cause another cold blow to Montana and Wyoming.

Snow mass will be small, but will grow into a sufficiently dense snowstorm in southern Colorado, eastern New Mexico and western Texas, where snow may exceed 2.5 cm.

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