India: Mumbai landslide

July 10, 2013. The city of Mumbai, which is located on the western coast of India, from the beginning of the week continuously poured rain. As a result of waterlogged soil on a hillside in Antop Hill near the old postal building formed a landslide. Victims of natural disasters have at least two people. The fate of another 23-year-old resident of Mumbai is on the line, as he was seriously injured.

Arrived on the scene rescuers found four more citizen are under the rubble. Another three people were rescued within a few minutes after the collapse of the soil layer. Who is the top priority sent in 40 Antop Hill rescuers still removing the rubble of the four remaining victims of the landslide. From how quickly will an operation may depend the lives of these people, two of whom are the children of 4 and 5 years.

While there are rescue operations, municipal authorities report that in addition to the landslide rains did not cause any significant damage to the other Mumbai. Flooding is nowhere recorded, the threat to the movement of transport around the city is also absent. The track-Mistry Dargah, close to where the landslide occurred, open to travel.


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