Individual produce 135 times more carbon dioxide than volcanoes

The consequences of the eruption of the volcano Grimsvotn May 23, 2011 in the skies over Iceland (photo NordicPhotos / Getty Images).

The colossal, mind-numbingly hot, capable of spewing clouds of ash and rivers of burning lava volcanoes — a dwarf compared to the people in regard to the production of carbon dioxide.

Annually bipedal emitted approximately 135 times larger than carbon dioxide. In other words, people in three days produce as much as volcanoes issue for the year.

"The question is whether volcanoes emit more CO2, than the man — the most common in my email" — said study author Terrence Gerlach, American volcanologist retired.

The emissions of carbon dioxide land volcanoes can be calculated by the method of remote sensing and during flight through clouds spew and underwater activity is measured by the concentration of isotopes in water. The scientist simply brought together all of the estimates.

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"Skeptics do not believe in man-made global warming claim that volcanoes produce more carbon dioxide than a man, but never refer to the numbers, because the data in support of this statement does not exist, — the expert emphasizes. — The main reason lies in the persistence of the myth that the eruption of a volcano on the TV screen — an impressive sight. It is easy to forget that the eruption lasts for a few hours, whereas anthropogenic pollution is ubiquitous and relentless. "

Despite the uncertainty in the measurements (volcanoes give 0,13-0,44 billion metric tons per year, the most likely range — 0,15-0,26 billion), even the highest figure is insignificant compared to man-made emissions: in 2010, people has presented an atmosphere of 35 billion tons

Mr. Gerlach said that the main source — deforestation: it gives 3.5 billion tons per year. Cars and light-duty trucks emit 2 billion tons and cement production — 1.5 billion Any of these sources is several times worse than all the volcanoes in the world. Kazakhstan and Pakistan alone give as much as all the volcanic activity on the planet.

Here's another comparison. To volcanoes caught up with people eruption of Mount St. Helens, occurred May 18, 1980, should occur every two and a half hours, anderuption of Mount Pinatubo, which took place June 15, 1991, — every 12.5 hours.

The study is published in the journal Eos.

Based on the materials Discovery News.
Source: Kompyulenta

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