Indonesia insists that Britain took back clogged scrap

Indonesia insists that Britain take back scrap littered Facts

According to the Agency for Environmental Protection, Indonesia asks Britain to take 1,800 tons of contaminated debris. In January 2012, inspectors from Jakarta found 89 British metal containers containing liquid and other forms of illegal waste. The containers were found sand, asphalt, plastics and leaking white liquid. The investigation in this case began, as British companies are prohibited to import contaminated waste in Indonesia.

In 2011, 51 container, prepared for shipment, was arrested and returned to the UK, while in 2010, the Agency received 31 statement back about 407 tons of waste to their homeland. Discovered in Port Tanjung Priorka containers will be released in late March, and for 4 weeks, they will have to come to the UK.

According to the Minister for Environment Balthazar Kambuyya, Indonesia agreed to place metal in their territory only under certain conditions. "Raw materials must be safe and clean, and it's more like garbage. Part wet raw part — a dry, some even allocates fetid liquid, which clearly violates the law. "

"In a market commodity, suitable for processing, has its own laws, so any illegal activity Sales clogged waste will be severely punished," — said Andy Hayem, the central figure of the Agency's investigations. Once the containers arrive in the UK, after disinfection will be a thorough investigation.

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