Interior Ministry officials in Tatarstan have new cars

Employees were transferred to seven new cars "UAZ Patriot," 40 cars "Lada Granta," 26 five-door "Neve" and 15 cars "Lada Priora".

Today in Kazan on the parade ground traffic police on RT solemn construction employees of private security, precinct, road safety inspections for 88 official cars.

The event was attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan Artem Hohorin, head of traffic police in the RT Rifkat Minnihanov and head of the private security MIA RT — Police Colonel Marat Shakira.

"On the eve of the biggest events related to the Summer Universiade, we hand the keys to the company cars to those who are on the first line of the battle against crime — a division of private security, and traffic police precinct — said Police Major General Artem Hohorin. — Over the past year and a half in matters of material equipment and, in particular, have greatly strengthened our vehicles — almost 600 cars were produced last year as the state defense order, and on a comprehensive program of prevention of crime in the country, and more than 200 cars will be produced in This year, part of which is presented today. "

According A.Hohorina, ground traffic police will not fit all the cars that are ready for issuance. "The other day I signed the order, yet a large batch of cars will be transferred to the operational services for the work leading up to and during the Universiade," — he added. — Facilities — is the key to success. With the award of this batch of machines, even if the write-off we will have equipment for about 80 percent of the units, the traffic police have about 90 percent of the required amount. "

Then the floor was given the chief of the traffic police on RT — police colonel Rifkat Minnikhanov. He, in turn, referring to the Minister of the Interior and present employees, expressed gratitude to the management of the Russian Federation, the Russian Interior Minister, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Artem Hohorinu for the trust the traffic police.

"The challenges facing the traffic police officers in connection with the Universiade, a lot — summed Rifkat Minnihanov. — The order and safety on the roads of the republic will be provided. "

Also, the floor was given the chief of the Interior Ministry's security service Marat Shakirov. "A little more than six months, only the Office received 164 private security vehicle, — he said. — With the introduction of new vehicles, we feel a great sense of responsibility. It depends on us worthy of bearing the title of police of the Republic of Tatarstan ".

After the speech, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan, head of traffic police in the RT Rifkat Minnihanov and head of the Ministry of Interior in the private security Marat Shakirov was handed the keys to the car parade units agency. 7 new cars "UAZ Patriot" and 40 car "Lada Granta" were transferred to the private security units, 26 five-door car "Niva" were representatives of the police precinct and 15 cars "Lada Priora" joined the fleet of traffic police in the Republic of Tatarstan.

"We are ready for the Universiade. Due to the format of the transition to police the existing rules have been revised upwards. Facilities Tatarstan Ministry of Internal Affairs has the best performance in the Russian Federation ", — stated the Minister.

In conclusion, he reiterated the commitment to safety as during the Universiade, and in the ongoing life of the country at a high level.

This year is expected to increase the fleet of more than 260 units. In the framework of the state defense order has already delivered 184 units of vehicles of more than 77 million rubles. 35 cars will be allocated to operational and special police units and 43 car — a district commissioner for the Republican program of prevention.

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