Invasion of jellyfish in Japan. Photo

Shoals of giant jellyfish Echizen kurage every autumn appear off the coast of the Sea of Japan. Here they sail from the coast of China and Korea (where they are born.)

Fans of underwater photography, of course, very happy about the appearance of these unusual creatures can not be said about the local fishermen. Giant jellyfish causing great damage to the fishing industry, destroying the network and spoiling fish traps.

Fishermen say that once a fishing vessel whose crew was unlucky to catch a whale, even turned upside down under his weight.

Outbursts of giant jellyfish are still a mystery, However, some scholars are inclined to explain their global warming caused by rising sea temperatures. According to the Meteorological Agency of Japan, the Sea of Japan are heated on average three times faster than the rest of the world ocean.


Medusa Echizen kurage reaches 2.2 m in diameter and can weigh more than 300 kg

Source: AMF

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