Maldives will not prevent rising sea levels

October 2, 2013. The continued accumulation of sand within the annular attolov Maldivian reefs may provide a basis for the future development of the islands, new research suggests. It is assumed that such islands like the Maldives will be one of the first to experience the effects of climate change, particularly sea level rise. The study, published in the journal Geology, describes the formation of islands in the Maldives attolov.

The researchers studied the history of education "island of the foundation," which begins when the lagoon is quite filled with sand, which is derived from the surrounding coral reefs that serve as the basis for the creation of the islands.

It is assumed that these reefs continue to thrive and thus maintain a high rate of delivery of sand in those lagoons, which are almost completely filled, and thus represent a potential for the formation of a new island in the next few hundred years. According to studies, over time, these islands can develop into whole island structures that provide alternative land in the region.

According to Professor Chris Perry of the University of Exeter, many heavily populated Maldives have a limited ability to respond to sea level rise, and it will require additional maintenance costs coastline.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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