Marussia sports cars be equipped with electronics Cheboksary


The company intends to Marussia order electronic components for its cars in Cheboksary "Research and Production Complex Elara."

This was told "Interfax" said General Director of the "Corporation of the Chuvash republic" Anatoly Danilov.

What components are and how much you plan to order, not specified. According to Daniel, parts of the system will be the climate control in the car. Currently, the company also produces speedometers, tachometers, fuel injection control units, as well as various pumps.

In addition, the company is considering Marussia body welding in Chuvashia — Cheboksary on the plant "Sespel," said Daniel. This was previously discussed at a meeting of representatives of "Marussia" with the Government of the Republic of Chuvashia, held in mid-October 2011. Then the company introduced a plan for the development of production cars in the region, however, about what exactly the models in question, is not known.

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