Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano threw out a new cloud of ash and gas

May 15, 2013. Most Mexican volcano Popocatepetl unabated — Tuesday morning, he again threw the plume of steam, smoke and gas, according to website of the National Center for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in Mexico.

The cloud of volcanic ash rose to a height of three kilometers and then settled on the nearby town in the state of Puebla, reported the online edition of the local newspaper El Universal.

In particular, a thin layer of ash covered the streets in the village at the foot of the volcano Paso de Cortés, and the cities of Atlixco and Uehotsingo, located 23 km from the volcano.

In just a day specialists have registered a total of 27 cases of emission of products of volcanic activity from the crater, "Don Goyo", as the locals called the Volcano. In this case, the stones thrown from his muzzle, scattered on the slopes at a distance of 600 meters, RIA "Novosti".

Popocatepetl is showing signs of increased activity for more than two weeks. Last week, the volcano threw ash to a height of more than three kilometers, resulting in some areas have been bombarded city of Puebla and suspended the work of the local airport.

In this regard, the authorities raised the alert level to level five on a seven-point scale. In four Mexican states — Mexico, Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala — the decision on preventive measures because of a possible eruption.

In the surrounding area put troops. In the event of aggravation of the situation in preparation for a possible evacuation. She can relate to approximately 11,000 people living in the immediate vicinity of the volcano.

Popocatepetl — an active volcano in Mexico, located 55 km from the capital, Mexico City. The name of the volcano is translated from the language of the Aztecs as the "smoking mountain". He rises to 5.4 thousand meters above sea level and has long been a symbol of Mexico.


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