Minitornado in the Tula region

May 23, 2013. It turns out that tornado season is in full swing not only west of the Atlantic Ocean, wind and tornadoes began to emerge in Eastern Europe. Thus, the inhabitants of a town in the Tula region, Efremov, witnessed this tornado. Previously, these types of natural disasters have never visited this town, so the townspeople emerged minismerch remember.

According to preliminary estimates which lasted about half an hour tornado damaged more than 200 buildings, 167 private houses and 29 apartment buildings in the city. Basically, houses lost their roofs. In the list of affected buildings are two kindergartens, four schools, several administrative and industrial facilities. Not less than 15 people were injured, receiving a variety of injuries from contact with the torn off by the wind debris. On city streets and courtyards are overturned cars, uprooted trees.

Once the element has settled, Yefremov began emergency repair work. Involved the Emergency Situations Ministry and volunteers. Throughout the area declared a state of emergency.




The number of victims of the tornado in the Tula region has risen to 20 people

May 22, 2013. The number of victims of the tornado passing in Efremov, Tula region has grown to 20 people, according to the regional GUMCHS.

Earlier it was reported that at 15:08 MSK environment in the city of Efremov, Tula region was a tornado. As a result, 213 buildings were damaged. Of these, 29 multi-family homes, 150 private houses, 16 public buildings — including five schools, two kindergartens and 18 commercial buildings.

"According to some reports, the incident Efremov, injured 20 people, including three children (with bruises and a small cut wounds), one person was hospitalized in MUSES" Efremovskaya central regional hospital "," — said in a statement.

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