Murmansk 24, Marseille — 17

May 29, 2013. Cold predlete in Europe has become a byword. The media are full of ironic messages on "autumn" rains in Provence and the "summer" snowfall in Bavaria. Plus 20 in Madrid, usually in mid-April, and then on the nose in June!

Cold mistral wind has once again postponed the beginning of the summer season on the Cote d'Azur in France. Because of them in sub-tropical Marseille temperature does not rise above 17 degrees.

But in the arctic Murmansk warm winds from southern latitudes and almost on the eve of the summer solstice set a temperature record (24.0). The previous maximum (23.1) has held since 1960. Very warm weather for this time also established in Arkhangelsk (23) and St. Petersburg (24). For comparison, Murmansk competes with Rome, and only 1-2 degrees inferior to Athens.

The warming is amplified in the Russian North, and with the beginning of the summer calendar in the Murmansk region, the temperature can rise to 30! Meanwhile, Europe's nothing to do but meet the first in 30 years for real summer snowfalls.

Source: News Gismeteo

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