Mystery of the vanishing energy of the Earth is solved

Mystery of the vanishing energy of the Earth solved Scientists prove

Two years ago, scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, published observational evidence of the "vanishing" of energy in the world. Scientists have discovered the discrepancy between the data on the heating of the Earth from satellites, and measurements of ocean heating.

Where the energy was lost? Or, perhaps, the researchers made a mistake in measuring the energy received from the sun and released back into space?

A group of scientists, meteorologists and oceanographers, led by Norman Loeb of the Langley Research Center of NASA in Hampton undertook research puzzle. They used data from the last 10 years, from 2001 to 2010. The data obtained in the experiment, "Ceres» (CERES), were used to measure changes in the radiation balance of the Earth's atmosphere. In addition, the needed temperature behavior of the ocean from three independent sources.

The main provisions of the study were published January 22, 2012 in the journal Nature Geoscience. It was found that the satellite and ocean measurements are in line, given some errors in the observations (that is reason for the disappearance of energy is not in the data).

According to the data, the Earth accumulates heat in the ocean volume polvatta per square meter with no signs of hesitation. This amount of energy must go back to the atmosphere, increasing the temperature of the Earth by 0.3 degrees Celsius or more. And more than 90% of excess heat due to the increase in greenhouse gases accumulating in the ocean.

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