Oklahoma tornado turned into a disaster zone

May 21, 2013. Victims tornadoes in the U.S. state of Oklahoma was 91 people (PHOTO). It is reported by CNN, citing local authorities. At least 20 of the dead — children. In the state destroyed dozens of homes and two schools. The chances that the rubble is real people are. Their search has not stopped for a minute. Barack Obama has announced a state of emergency and ordered to help him out of the federal budget.

The area where the pace was the strongest tornado, now looks like a testing ground for weapons of mass destruction. Vykosheny and razed areas, neighborhoods, towns.

"When it started, I just lay down and covered himself with some debris. And along with them a tornado threw me to the barn. I think I was very lucky, "- says one of the victims Lando Hythe.

It all started at about 3 pm. Taking a head start in the town of New Castle (Okla.), the vortex moved to the north-east and stretched out on the three and a half thousand meters in width, unwind up to 320 kilometers per hour, pulled into a deadly funnel whole city — Moore. At that point in elementary school, "Tower Plaza" were 75 children, all of elementary school, the oldest — 10 years.

— I was really scared, all holding books over his head, because the ceiling collapsed on us.
— Where have you been?
— Under the desk.

Teachers were trying to protect their children as best they could, seated along the load-bearing walls, hid their bodies. But building a monstrous tornado strike did not survive — collapsed in seconds. From the rubble of the school and a dozen other buildings crumbled rescue workers, police officers, soldiers of the National Guard and volunteers all last night getting out of the living and the dead.

"We raised the ruined walls to reach the victims. It was like a war zone. Many were seriously injured. One of the wounded had to get even with the tractor, the only way it could have been rescued from the mangled car, "- says the lifeguard Tom Hirson.

Was partially destroyed even fortified, purpose-built shelter, where people waited element. Hurricanes, tornadoes are not uncommon in these parts, but the incident has shocked even seasoned — the so-called hunters for tornadoes.

"We were moving at a tornado when arrived here, people asked for help. Several people were under the rubble of a local supermarket. With the help of a truck we dismantled part of the rubble and found a body of a man, a woman and a young child, "- said one of them.

Leaving behind the torn town of Moore, tornado, which was classified EF4, which means "destructive", crossed the highway I35, turning dozens of loaded trucks, and moved in the direction of the U.S. Air Force airbase, "Tinker". Thus he almost repeated the route on which there is a tornado walked in 1999. Then he was promoted to the highest risk category EF-5 — "incredible." Vortex velocity reached 500 kilometers per hour, killing 41 people. But the current tornado appears to be the most deadly and destructive in the history of similar disasters in the United States.

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Residents Moore told how dragged out-podzavalov people

May 21, 2013. The past by Oklahoma tornado was one of the strongest in the state's history. With the wind, the speed of which the epicenter was 300 km / h, and width — almost 2 km, it is about an hour ironed Town Moor. From Moore's almost nothing left, block by block street by street tornado just leveled, leaving piles of rubbish instead of buildings and wrecked cars. Trail of destruction stretches for 30 km.

As found NTV correspondent Alexei Veselovsky, people were much stronger than their homes.

Ricky Stover, a local resident: "We thought that death had come. We were in the basement and closed the door, but then the door pulled out, and we spilled glass and debris. We really thought that we were finished. "

Rescuers continue to search for people. In the hospital delivered about 140 people, including 70 children. On the way tornadoes were two schools. If the initial saved everything, gymnasium, located nearby, a tornado just ripped in two. There are seven children were killed and 20 more are now under the rubble — they were hiding from the disaster in the basement.

Gabriel Wheeler, student: "There was a bang and the roof blew off, and then the rain poured down on us and trash rained."

Local hospital, a bank, a farm, too, reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds. People were saved miraculously.

Lando Haight, a local resident: "When everything flew around, I ducked into the stall, and I was buried under some debris and pushed deeper. I think I just got lucky. "

On highways around the wind, like a toy, scattered cars and even heavy tractor for a while blocking access rescue squad and police. So the first aid provided by local residents.

Thomas Irsom, a local resident: "I parked the car and walked away. We pulled people out of homes, out of the walls. People were crawling and selected from everywhere. "

The death toll in the U.S. state of Oklahoma has already exceeded 90. President Obama declared the region a natural disaster zone. In a rescue operation involving national army and hundreds of volunteers. Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Minnesota, virtually the entire central part of America is now under threat of a new tornado, the peak season which falls exactly in May.

Source: NTV

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