Pacific hurricane Barbara could become the Atlantic hurricane Andrea

Hurricane "Barbara" over Central America, 19:30 GMT, May 29, 2013 © Sputnik «Agua» | MODIS / NASA

June 1, 2013. "Barbara", a tropical storm the eastern Pacific Ocean, has ceased to exist, but still retains the potential to get a new life as the first Atlantic tropical cyclone. By typing a hurricane category 2, May 29 "Barbara" hit Mexico near Acapulco and brought to the state of Chiapas to 407 mm of rain in 18 hours. The storm intensified in a remarkably short time, having risen from depression to a hurricane in just 21 chas.Uragan "Barbara" over Central America, 19:30 GMT, May 29, 2013

Hurricane "Barbara" is noteworthy for a number of statistical indicators. In particular, previously only one hurricane category 2 attacked the district of Acapulco in May. It happened in 1971, when a hurricane called "Agatha".

In addition, such an early appearance of the second name in the season, has reached the stage of a hurricane before it was recorded only once? in 1997 behaved similarly Hurricane "Rick", also emerged on May 28. Recall, the average years of the release date of the second on the list of storms on land is June 25.

It is unlikely that the "Barbara" will be able to regenerate after a pass from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. However, if this happens, it will become a tropical cyclone Atlantic and get a new name? "Andrea".

Such transitions from one ocean to the other? a rare event in the history of observations of tropical storms. The last time this happened in May 2008, when the Pacific storm "Alma" once crossed the Central American isthmus, became the Atlantic storm "Arthur." Much earlier, in June 1989, the same "gift" one ocean to another storm was "Cosmas", changed his name to "Allison."

Source: News Gismeteo

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