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The boy goes through the mud in Budude, Uganda, came down here after a landslide that killed dozens of people. 50 students were gone. (James Akena / Reuters)

A few pictures of natural disasters have occurred recently, and their consequences.
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Music teacher Claudia Vergara crying in a broken piano on the site of his former home in Constitucion. In a strong 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, hundreds of people died and thousands were left homeless. (Luis Hidalgo / Associated Press)

A man in a helmet with the Chilean flag in the spotlight clears blockages in Kostitusone. Reconstruction of some areas of the city after the earthquake and tsunami in Chile will take at least three years. (Ivan Alvarado / Reuters)

Pillar of smoke rising into the sky from the fire covered Tainane textile factory in Taiwan, after the last earthquake in the country of 6.4 points. About the victims are still unknown, but at the moment it is known that injured 64 people. (National Airborne Service Corps / Reuters)

Rescuers found the puppy under the rubble of a destroyed house in Constitucion after a 8.8-magnitude earthquake. (AP Photo / Roberto Candia)

Passersby look at an empty coffin in Constitucion after the devastating earthquake in Chile. (AP Photo / Roberto Candia)

A boy plays with his dog on a flooded street in Havana. Strong winds drove waves from the Caribbean Sea, which flooded the streets in the Vedado district salty frothy water. (AP Photo / Javier Galeano)

The officer guarding the street in Talcahuano, Chile, February 27 was one of the largest earthquakes of 8.8 points. (AP Photo / Ricardo Mazalan)

Cars underwater in Tyre, Chile, after the coastal cities have come under attack tsunami caused by the earthquake on February 27. (Lalo de Almeida / The New York Times via Redux Pictures)

The destroyed building in Concepcion after the 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile. (AP Photo / Natacha Pisarenko)

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