SibNIA satisfied with the flight test remotorizirovannogo An-2ms

Flight tests remotorizirovannogo An-2ms conducted FSUE "Siberian Research Institute of Aviation them. Chaplygina" (SibNIA), showed the promise of modernization carried out by the Institute, told reporters director Vladimir SibNIA Badger.

During the work, the purpose of which — improving the economic efficiency of the An-2, has been replaced piston-62IR engine turboprop on Honeywell TPE331-12. In addition, set screw manufactured by Hartzell Propeller (USA), an autonomous diesel generator, engine block heater and passenger compartment heater, engine anti-icing system and screws, as well as manufactured and installed hood made of composite materials.

According to him, remotorization without modification airframe, although the installation of a new engine due to the reduced weight and the change in the alignment required the development of a new engine compartment. Ready kit of parts and equipment installed on the aircraft for 15 days. Modernization is possible under the existing aircraft repair plants of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Defense.

An-2ms compared with the AN-2 reduced the mass with 3,350 to 2,850 kg, allowing him full load of 1500 kg and a full supply of fuel to fly a range of 1,300 km. Being explored the possibility of increasing fuel capacity up to 1600 liters, which will give the range with full tanks at a height of 2.5-3 sq m of 2200 km with a payload of 1.1-1.2 m

V.Barsuk also said that an agreement was signed for the licensed production in Russia and the acquisition of 100 TPE331-12 engines.

According to the director SibNIA, currently there are already confirmed the demand for modernization of 535 AN-2 version of the An-2ms. In this case, the order of 260 aircraft airline willing to convert in the near future.

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