Simulated fire operations

Simulated fire operations Facts

Firefighters often put their lives at risk, and therefore, it is important to know how to do their job. The modular program that simulates a variety of fire situations, developed on the basis of new information technologies.

In order to make their way through the smoke in protective suits and breathing apparatus, rescue workers need to have a good concentration of attention: to be able to quickly determine the place where they can be affected, and the nearest exit. While rescuers used ropes to go back, but this is not the most reliable way — rope can catch on things. Chalk mark those areas already searched, but these tags are very difficult to see through the smoke. All this causes the need for new technologies based on sensors.

Researchers Fraunhoferovskogo Institute for Applied Information Technology in St. Augustine developed a number of special methods of simulation of fire situations. Firefighters can test new technologies in plausible conditions, and adapt to unusual sources of information.

FireSim consists of 4 modules. The first involves a board role play, through which savers can work in playing various operations. Players move through the map where is the fire, and new technologies are introduced with special tokens. Thus, the rescue team for a short time with minimal loss of power acquainted with new technologies.

The second module is more like a computer game. Firefighters watch the incident by the hero. Players move in the virtual space, open the doors of premises, rescue the wounded and test virtual prototypes of new sensory equipment that can allocate the places visited by the lifeguard.

The third module combines real and virtual space. Rescue team is playing the situation in real time, for example, saving a man from smoky building. New technologies are integrated into the rescue garb, a helmet or arm is a display showing all the details of the incident.

For the evaluation of new technologies in a large fire, which will be attended by a large number of rescuers, the fourth module is designed. At the basis of a specific fire behavior. It is transformed into a behavioral model, based on which scenario is played out computer possible developments rescue operation.

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