Six months later, the victims of Hurricane Sandy continue to independently deal with its consequences.

Tens of thousands of victims of Hurricane Sandy are still homeless, trying to deal with his own consequences, desperately hoping for help from the government and with the fear of waiting for the start of the next hurricane season. Some Americans who have lost their homes at the end of October 2012, live in cardboard boxes, some use the hospitality of friends and relatives. The family members have settled in different cities of the United States in search of shelter, at the same time, continuing to avail sue insurance companies, seeking payment of money owed. Stalls and shops caught in the area of the hurricane, boarded up. Many of the houses are still standing empty and destroyed, in the courts remain the mountain of rocks and debris.

In the seaside neighborhood of Breezy Point New York's Queens Borough 2,800 2,400 homes remain uninhabitable. The destroyed area is illuminated at night with lights fires, similar to Tripoli, after NATO bombing, that's just New York nobody bombed.
"All hinder insurance companies and new rules of construction. Looks like Breezy preserved for a long time "- says local resident Michael Sullivan.

"Some people are still in the midst of a recovery. We still have people living in hotels, people hunched under the weight of suffering, the people fighting with insurance companies, and for them all — it is terrible and horrific "- says none other than the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo.
But New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, said that Barack Obama has fulfilled all its promises and had a great job, "I think he's done a good job. He kept his word, "- he said the channel MSNBC.

Meanwhile, in the state of New Jersey as a result of Hurricane Sandy destroyed 360,000 houses and apartments, most of which are still uninhabitable. Districts look as if a hurricane was just yesterday. In January, New Jersey held protests against the elimination of the consequences of delay, where the locals were of the claims Obama, who does not do anything for them. And they resented that Charitable Foundation, organized by Governor Christie and his wife, attended by a few million dollars, do not pay a cent affected.

"I lost about 500,000 dollars", — said Donna Venzant (Donna Vanzant), the owner of a business in New Jersey, which in 2012 gained immense popularity. After the hurricane, Media circled photos, which embraces Donna Barack Obama and promises to help fast. — "And we lost all our docks and buildings, which cost about $ 200,000, and we can not knock out insurance for docks and buildings."

In the hotels of New York City continue to temporarily live 1000 people who pay accommodation by local authorities. But at a recent meeting of the City Council issued a ruling that the April 30, 400 victims have to leave their rooms and begin to solve their problems. New Yorkers, who were going to be evicted, sent official notices, warning that until April 30, they must provide a business plan for the purchase of their homes or leave the hotel.
The remaining 600 people (who were able to prove that just about would get a new home) should leave the hotel until the end of May.

"I have great difficulty trying to find an apartment," — said Carmen Ortiz, who lost her job due to health problems. — "I have visited before and homeless … I can not believe that here in New York, where they put the damn money in baseball stadiums, they can not build the apartment building."
A member of the City Council Brad Lander blames this Kafkaesque situation for the government, the delay sending housing vouchers, under the assistance program.

One of the deportees, Rachel Rivera (Rachel Rivera), mother of 7-year-old girl wrote an open letter of appeal to the City Council, asking them not to throw them out. It is, in particular, has written:

"… My seven year old daughter Merisol and I called our room at the Holiday Inn Express on 29th Street home for the past six months, as the roof of our apartment collapsed during Hurricane Sandy. But after a few days, we will lose our home again — this time because of an arbitrary deadline, which established the Office for the Homeless. No one wants to call the hotel home, but city officials have given us only one alternative to this — the street.

My daughter and I are not alone. Hundreds of victims of Sandy, living in hotels throughout New York will be evicted on Tuesday, April 30. Also, I and Merisol, many of these families have nowhere to go. The number of New Yorkers sleeping in shelters for the homeless, has reached record levels, and now my family and I will join them.
We are — victims of the disaster and deserve respect for myself … "

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