South Norway flooded

May 23, 2013. Because of the threat of dam authorities evacuated the inhabitants of several villages. Entire villages were flooded. Bad weather led to the transport collapse — in some places washed out roads, completely stopped traffic on a major national highway connecting the capital with the city of Trondheim. In some areas, destroyed bridges. Partially disrupted rail links. No injuries not yet known. Meanwhile, according to weather forecasts, rainfall in the region will continue. The flooding may be the strongest over the past half century.

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Flooding in Norway, in the southern parts of the country began the evacuation of

May 22, 2013. Because of the threat of severe flooding in southern Norway, the evacuation of people. According to eyewitnesses, in the municipality of Kvam the water level in the river every 10 minutes rose by half a meter. In the city of Holt (municipality Eidsvoll) the cause of an emergency evacuation was the threat of a dam break. As stated in the local police, if this happens, the water will carry away with them all that will be on its way.

Heavy rains and snow continues to melt led to a critical situation in the eastern Norway — Estlande, ITAR-TASS reported. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, over the coming nights there will fall to 40 millimeters of rain, which could cause the strongest in 50 years flood. At present, the region's many roads washed out, on the highway connecting Oslo and Trondheim, a crater several meters deep. On several fronts paralyzed rail.

In a number of places the water is coming right up close to the houses, on Wednesday, May 22, the morning of the local people reported flooded basements. There is a danger that the elements may interfere with the agricultural work.

A similar situation is also observed in the southern, central and other parts of the country. The Ministry of Justice and Public Safety commissioned the Norwegian civil defense forces to keep in touch with the local authorities to jointly overcome the consequences of floods.

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