Syria and Lithuanian mercenaries: the preparation of a new provocation

It's no secret that Lithuania has sheltered at Siauliai brave men from the NATO task — to patrol the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The friendly shaulyaytsy the next day after the NATO troops, apparently to celebrate beat North Atlantic allies.

The Lithuanian land bloodshed affected. So it is with good reason can be stated that Lithuania's integration into NATO — it's friendship, sealed with blood.


The incident with the beating of NATO troops is not unique. Such incidents are repeated periodically, with all the periodically changing on duty with the representatives of the alliance of European countries. Lithuanian natives have repeatedly complained to beat them military alliance — the Belgian, Danish, British … On the topic of the causes and the ratios of batterers and battered in Lithuania even invented anecdote: "Why is attacked first?" — Asks the officer a dozen NATO troops, which at night was beaten three Lithuanians. NATO officials say: "We thought that there were only two, but all of a sudden there was a third."

According to the Lithuanian Police Commissioner General Vytautas Grigaravichyusa, beating the NATO military — "one of the consequences of alcohol use," which by Western standards is a pittance in today's Lithuania. However, the problems of the sky held a Baltic NATO is not limited to beatings and oversupply of cheap alcohol. In Lithuania, where, after the collapse of the Soviet Union is rapidly declining population, but prostitution is legal "business", they face severe discrimination on the part of the local "prostitutes." The same general police commissioner complained to journalists that the Lithuanian "Geisha" NATO people sell themselves for more than three times inflated prices. This, of course, pure discrimination, taking into account that the list of services provided by prostitutes remains the standard.

While NATO soldiers have fun with Lithuanian prostitute (albeit at a higher price), compatriots "prostitutes" are prepared to fight and have fought for the interests of the unit far away from their homeland. I remember a forgotten fact from the history of the ancient world: in ancient Rome, men, mercenaries were equated to female prostitutes, as also to sell my body.

As a member of NATO, Lithuania immediately started to increase its contingent of troops abroad — Euro-Atlantic solidarity required. Then President Adamkus, has, by the way, dual citizenship USA and Lithuania, loving men at least some NATO counterparts, passed a special resolution to extend the participation of Lithuanians in the "international operations" in the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, and Central and South Asia. Like, it's better to beat the bad Muslims in their home than a good home at NATO troops.

Hundreds of Lithuanian guys for many years are being recruited for a "peacekeeping operations" and die in hot spots such as Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Currently in Lithuania under the control of the Americans is recruiting mercenaries to be sent to Syria. Directly involved in the recruitment of Lithuanian private security companies (PSC) has already proven itself in the selection of personnel to assist in the conduct of NATO military exercises in Lithuania, as well as in business, cranking out the Americans in Afghanistan through Lithuania. Are utilized in this PSA and American, who are used to perform in the "hot spots" and during the terrorist attacks in the U.S. dirty work for the security services.

High unemployment and a low standard of living in Lithuania, especially among the Russian population, creating good conditions for recruitment. Suffice it to say that, even according to the official, clearly underestimated the Statistics Department of Lithuania, this level is that over the past decade the population of the republic was reduced by over 10% and continues to decline. Receiving the initial fee, many mercenaries from Lithuania, for some reason think that in Syria they will survive, agree to take the rest of the money after the start of the contract.

As of mid-September, it was picked up already About fifty Lithuanian mercenaries, who are preparing to throw together small groups of tourists charter flights from Lithuania to Turkey. Preference is given to people between 25 and 40 years old, passed military service under the contract in Western armies. The most sought after special forces, engineers, radio electronics, drivers of heavy vehicles. That is, professionals, suitable for use both in combat and post-conflict under the auspices of the occupation and the puppet government (delivery of goods, protection of critical facilities and Western specialists, aid in the establishment and training of law and order, etc.).

It turns out that, on the one hand, Washington seems to be negotiating with Moscow on Russian-US Framework Agreement on the elimination of chemical weapons to Syria, which excludes military intervention, on the other — is preparing a "cannon fodder" for the armed invasion and subservient to the future of the occupation regime in 'liberated' from the legal authorities.

Among recruited in Lithuania it looks for people who are fluent in Russian language and along with Lithuanian citizenship with citizenship of the Russian Federation … It is very likely that some time in the West "find" sensational fact of "the participation of Russian volunteers" who are fighting on the side of the Syrian rebels for human rights. As a minimum this should overshadow relations between Damascus and Moscow, as a maximum — to weaken international support for Syrian front.

Even if the truth of the victims of the next upcoming provocation in Lithuania will be available to the general public, can always be explained by the Lithuanian electorate, which is the fee for introduction to the world civilization and human values. Or even simpler: to remind that the death of one person — a tragedy and the loss of many — statistics.

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