The aurora was observed in the subtropics

Colorado, USA, May 18, 2013 © Robert Arn |

May 20, 2013. Sunspot group 1748 defuse a series of flashes of the highest points, lost his energy and quickly extinguished. However, it is not completely gone for the Earth. March 18 was played on the planet magnetic storm G1-class.

In the United States, polar cap absorption accompanied by an intense glow of the atmosphere. Northern Lights was observed even in the south of the United States? in the state of Colorado. But it is almost subtropical, 40th degree of north latitude, where the Italy and Turkey.

"Aurora was not visible to the naked eye, — says the photographer Robert Arn. — Only a 30-second exposure I was able to look at her. Unusual for our area phenomenon was observed against the background of a typical Colorado storm. "

Auroras have also seen in other regions of the United States — in the states of Michigan, Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont and Iowa.

Source: News Gismeteo

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