The consequences of a landslide in central Mexico

May 28, 2013. On a plot of Mexico-Queretaro highway, located in the Central Mexican municipality Tepehi del Rio, Hidalgo, after a series of heavy rains and hail formed a landslide. At the time of the cataclysm on the road were dozens of cars. The five cars that were in the zone collapse, severely damaged.

As it became known, a landslide claimed the lives of seven people who were trapped in tons of mud and tree branches machines. Five of them were inside the taxi, two more victims were traveling in our own minibus. Another four passengers, who were traveling in the bus sustained injuries of varying severity and were taken to a hospital in the city of Naucalpan.

The district Tepehi bad weather has left a number of flooded homes. 150 of them need serious repairs. Their inhabitants hurriedly began harvesting activities in the disaster area and the military sent rescue workers to provide necessary assistance to people.

Administration of the State of Queretaro and Hidalgo, which is blocked with dirt road, decided to stop the traffic on the route. This means that one of the main entrances to Mexico will not run an indefinite number of days.


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