The first summer cold snap almost turned into frost

June 6, 2013. Yesterday morning the territory of the metropolitan area crossed the cold front, behind which the arctic air began to spread from the area of the Kara Sea. While the sun was shining it was almost imperceptible. However, on the evening of Muscovites feel the difference between the Middle Russia and northern summer.

In the morning before it got cold at all … +6 +9, by region, the temperature was lowered to 3. In particular, this value is fixed at the "Pole of Cold" in the capital region Cherusti. For comparison, exactly the same as it was in Arkhangelsk.

However, in the afternoon strong June sun warms easily dry arctic air to the norm? +21 … +23. In this case, the weather is dry and mild. Its main feature? high purity and transparency of the atmosphere. There is no smog, no dust. Bright blue sky, the horizon is visible for 50 miles. You can breathe deeply.

Tomorrow weather will not change significantly. And at the weekend in connection with the recovery of the western migration expected a slight warming and sunny. It is important to note that there will be rainfall associated with the remnants of the cloud system, which caused flooding in Central Europe.

Source: News Gismeteo

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