The floods near Odessa, killing two people

September 14, 2013. Near Odessa in the floods on September 13 killed two people, reports "Interfax" referring to the press service GSCHS Saturday.

One of the victims hit by ball lightning in Artsiz. The second flood victim, 71-year-old woman drowned in BOLGRAD District.

In total, the evening of September 13 in the Odessa region podtopilo 377 homes. Flood affected Artsyz, Bolgradsky and Tarutinsky areas. Of the four villages where the floods power goes out, 535 people were evacuated. In some areas of the Odessa region was disrupted movement of trains and cars.

As reported UNN, evening September 13, heavy rains, which had been going on for two days, stopped. In the Odessa region remain flooded 6 settlements, but electricity supply in many of the affected areas have been restored.


Flooding near Odessa: two dead, dozens of homes destroyed

September 14, 2013. The floods near Odessa, where, because of heavy rain burst a dam, has already killed two people.

"Two people were killed in the disaster: a man who was riding a horse in Artsiz killed by ball lightning with the animal, 71-year-old resident of the village of New Trojans died after falling into the water," — said the State Service for Emergencies.

According to rescuers, in seven locations (Jolly Artsyz Kut district, New Trojans BOLGRAD District and Berezina, Victory Red, greenhouse, Pavlivka Tarutino district) flooded 377 houses (13 of them destroyed, damaged 7 and 50 under the threat of damage).

Reportedly, temporarily relocated 535 people from four communities (Merry Kut, Berezin, Victory, Red).

In the midst of raging elements journalists visited Odessa edition Duma.

At the heart of disaster

In the most affected areas — the border village of Berezina — the consequences of flooding near Odessa, the most serious. The spilled river breached the embankment and gushed into the streets. The next day, a second wave of floods completed the job. As a result, 18 houses destroyed and dozens of flooded. Dry households remained basically.

"He heard the noise, looked out, and there — the flow goes. We immediately ran out into the yard, then — on the road. Looked back, and the house is already filled up, "- Ivan, a resident of Berezina.

"All appliances, carpets, furniture, supplies for the winter — all destroyed. As we go on, we do not know "- a resident of Xenia almost crying.

Her neighbor Ivan, who collapsed house at night, still can not move away from the incident. But believes he was lucky: he and his household alive. A man with a wife and children had to leave the hut for five minutes before the building collapsed under the pressure of the water and the wind, "heard the noise, looked out, and there — the flow goes. We immediately ran out into the yard, then — on the road. Looked back, and the house is already filled up. "


In the village of Red, where flood dam was broken, destroyed many outbuildings, 26 houses were flooded.

In district Tarutine flooded the local market, almost all basements flooded and some houses were destroyed.

On a flooded field near the village of Kut Cheerful people from nearby villages fish — who nets, buckets who, and who with his bare hands: the element broke rates fishery. One of the residents said that fished in the swollen river, not only fish, but also pigs, which claimed element of any court. Animals are alive, though frightened.

Merry Kut residents say such flooding here has not happened since the Brezhnev era. They are sure that a disaster has aggravated a number of private rates, appeared here in recent years.

Rescuers work

Now rescuers are doing everything to soon release the water back into the river. Operate pumps, GSChSniki digging trenches.

Meanwhile, rescue work is not satisfied with all the inhabitants of the affected villages. So, berezintsy claim that officers appeared in the village in the morning, but called them the night before. And the Jolly Kuta villagers had the power to force an employee GSCHS evacuate disabled.


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