The presentation of the biathlon rifles ORSIS

During the meeting, Board of coaching, organized by the Union of the Russian Biathlon September 26 in Tchaikovsky, the company "PROMTEKHNOLOGIYA" (trademark ORSIS) introduced the new biathlon rifle.

At the presentation were more than 50 coaches from all regions of Russia. Participants demonstrated a biathlon rifle ORSIS BIATHLON in two versions: with couches made of aluminum alloy and a laminate (special weapons plywood).

Coaches have expressed great interest novelties, asked questions related to the design of the models and shot off in the cold. Submitted samples have successfully passed a series of tests, including shooting and at -13 ° C. The results convinced the participants in the shooting accuracy trunks ORSIS both positive and at low temperatures. Of the merits of the assembled noted including a simple procedure for replacing the barrel and convenient scheme of overcharging.

Presented bed made of aluminum alloy has the highest number of adjustments to adapt its geometry under the anthropometric data of the athlete. Weight box with a rifle as close to the minimum threshold of IBU (3,5 kg).

At the end of the presentation were announced preliminary prices of future samples rifles in different versions. More than competitive prices received approval and caused even more interest among the participants.

The project to build a new biathlon rifles began in 2011 and continues to this day. Further modification of the rifle ORSIS BIATHLON will be adapted for the hunters. In so doing it will be different lodges, mount an optical sight on the Picatinny rail (Weaver), as well as a hunting barrel will be installed outside sights (front and rear sights), a massive trunk.

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