The situation in Delhi is heating up even more

May 25, 2013. In the metropolitan region of India continues to hold the record for the spring season, the heat that came down to Delhi last Saturday. According to weather forecasts, the peak of the heat will have on Friday, May 24, and the temperature will decline only next week.

Since May 26, the air masses coming to the Indian capital from the west, will supersede the dominant anticyclone over the region and will moderate the intensity of the horizontal displacement of hot air, reducing the maximum temperature by about two degrees. In the regional meteorological center of Delhi also explained that it was the lack of Western currents of air masses from temperate latitudes and strong hot north-west winds were responsible for settling the hot air mass anticyclone and prolonged heat.

As for the temperature record, then this Wednesday, May 22, the Delhi maximum temperature recorded at 44.9 degrees, five degrees above normal, while the minimum — 30.3 degrees, that is, four degrees above normal.

Source: News Gismeteo

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