The specialists of ASC connected platform Express-AM6 with a payload

Telecommunications spacecraft "Express-AM6," which creates JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "goes through the stage of integration. During integration specialists produce ISS docking satellite platform and payload module.

Before the end of this week will spend the major work on the connection cable networks and paths of both parts of the thermal control system of the spacecraft. Upon completion of the integration phase of the assembled satellite will have come full cycle of tests, including electrical, thermal vacuum, the dynamic test.

The spacecraft "Express-AM6" is created on the basis of heavy platform "Express 2000" ISS development. On board will be installed transponders C-, Ku-, Ka-and L-band. The satellite will join the constellation of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications" and will provide services to Russian consumers of digital TV and radio broadcasting, telephony, Internet access, as well as providing mobile presidential and governmental communications and networking communications technology-based VSAT.

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