Tornado in the south-east of Dexter, Michigan

Tornado in the south-east of Dexter, Michigan Natural Disasters

Less than two weeks after a series of powerful tornadoes in Indiana and Kentucky, picking up dozens of lives, the U.S. again under threat of bad weather. March 15, 2012 four Midwestern states were controlled by the raging storms and thunderstorms. In Michigan, the local television broadcast images of funnel clouds looming over the village of Dexter. As a result of a tornado destroyed more than 100 homes and other buildings, some of which was razed to the ground. According to official figures, the victims or the victims were found.

In addition to Dexter, the tornado also hit a major city in Ann Arbor. Some streets flooded, several power lines felled in one garage was struck by lightning. In some parts of the city was heavy hail. All day area of the city and surrounding area was under a tornado threat.

Meteorologist Dave Samuel drew a parallel between the unusually warm weather comparable to summer temperatures and frequent lightning storms that can turn into a tornado. The danger is large hail and damaging strong winds. Record temperature set for March in Georgia, Wisconsin and South Dakota. Weather Service reports that the temperature rise will be observed in other places like New York, for the next 10 days.

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