Tropical cyclone Barbara threatens Mexico

May 29, 2013. Off the coast of Mexico, in the eastern Pacific Ocean, was born a tropical cyclone. He was immediately given the name "Barbara".

According to the National Center for monitoring hurricanes, located in Miami, while "Barbara" is in place. Center of the cyclone is 233 kilometers to the southeast of the Mexican city of Salina Cruz. Wind speed at the center already is 64 km / h (18 m / sec).

Forecasters reported that "Barbara" is about to start its move to the coast of Mexico. According to the calculations of weather forecasters, the cyclone, moving north through the night to reach the Mexican coast. The country declared a storm warning.

According to experts, in the Pacific Ocean during hurricane season usually comes from some 15 hurricanes, four of them becoming hurricanes third category on a five-point system.

According to the classification of meteorologists, wind speed at the center of the cyclone is equal to 63 km / h (18 m / s), wind is already storm. In this tropical cyclone gets its own name.

The storm is called a hurricane, when the wind speed reaches 119 km / h (33 m / sec). Fifth highest category of hurricane intensity, "award" when the wind speed 179 km / h (49 m / sec).

The hurricane season in the Pacific Ocean runs from May 15 to November 30.

Source: The Epoch Times

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