Unions citizens Russia and Ukraine.

The Union of Ukrainians created! NstarikovNovember 17th, 18:26

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Ideas aimed at integration and peaceful development without shocks that move the Trade Union of Russian citizens have the support and understanding, not only in Russia. And all the parts of one country, which today are still disunited.
In Ukraine, created the Citizens' Union of Ukraine. "
The things said and written some time ago, it became a reality. Citizens of Ukraine, which inspires action PRTs, have created a similar organization that can engage those who have the citizenship of Ukraine.
It is a joyous for all patriots united country event took place a few days ago.
The union of citizens of Russia welcomes Ukrainian colleagues. We are glad that we are getting more.
The Union of Ukrainians — a young organization and PGR is ready to provide maximum assistance and share their experiences in six months. We do not doubt that the ranks of SSU in the Ukrainian land will rise.
We have common goals — freedom, stability and development of part of the indivisible and united country, torn apart Bialowieza traitors

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