Yangtze received another batch of chemicals

Yangtze received another batch of chemicals Facts

In the eastern part of China on a cargo ship spilled carbolic acid, which fell into the waters of the country's longest river, the Yangtze. In January, a similar incident recorded in the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, where one of the plants in the river was dumped a large amount of toxic cadmium, has spread to 300 km downstream.

The ship, allegedly South Korean, last week, moored in Zhenjiang, located on the Yangtze River. According to preliminary data, the leakage of phenol, which is used in detergents, occurred due to a fault closing valves.

After some time, residents complained that the water pipe has found a strange smell. A rumor that because of an accident on a ship in the region may be a problem with drinking water. This led to a boom in supermarkets, where in a short time was sold almost all bottled water.

At the moment, according to the city's leadership, the quality of the river water and its supply to the population are the norm. Eight companies and state officials announced nine penalties for damage caused to the region's ecology.

Risk of carbolic acid, or phenol is that it may cause eye irritation or skin, kidney and liver, inhibit the nervous system.

Due to strong economic growth and poor development of legislation in regard to environmental issues, the level of pollution of Chinese rivers is increasing rapidly.

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