118-year-old grandmother lives in a house without heat

In "Narodnaya Volya"You can read about what was ill Belarusian bureaucrats. Customs Committee Chairman Alexander Shpileuski states that does not have severe health problems. Deputy Minister Interior Victor Zhiburtovich many walks on foot and doing morning exercises, because of health problems and has not. Transport Minister Vladimir Sosnowski meaning disease prevention sees that every morning drinking tea with honey. But money Minister Nikolai Korbut diabetes because lament the difficulty with metabolism and exaggerated blood pressure. Deputy Health Minister Mike Rimzha has acquired gastritis, but not the flu has long been ill.
"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" knows how’s oldest centenarians of Belarusian freezes in a house without heating. 118-year-old Anna lives in Maladziechna Ragel. In This year She lamented the fact that for the past 4 years, the authorities are not willing to spend the gas to her house. At the moment, 118-year-old woman napping under 3-blankets and funny day walks around the house in a fur coat because it’s cold in the house.
"Bobruisk Courier" writes about how the Bobruisk city authorities have to prevent vandalism of Jewish cemeteries. According to the director of a local company, "The Rite" Nicholas Kanapatava, in order to protect burial sites from vandals, will need additional funding from the city budget (700 million rubles). It is also necessary to guard to patrol the cemetery — at the moment there are no guards, because wages 210 thousand rubles draws only tramps and alcoholics. The situation may improve and built around the cemetery after the highest smooth enclosure.
The newspaper "New Time" writes about the extraordinary civilian thing is that not so long ago was considered in Slonim district court. Youth sued his girlfriend to identify paternity because Tipo woman bore him a baby. Immediately appealed to the court guardianship authority, which insists on the withdrawal of the young ladies of parental rights.

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