Animals and dirt — protection against allergies

Animals and dirt - protection against allergies

It's no secret that pets with all their love to their owners can deliver a lot of problems. There are people who can not tolerate cats and dogs because they are allergic to wool. As much as people do not like animals, from close contact with them will have to give. It is better to watch them on TV — so safer.

Roughly the same considerations to guide young parents and those who are going to become. But even though the child's health and more expensive than the fate of a pet, do not hurry to part with his faithful dog or beloved cat.

Scientists argue that the presence of an animal in the house, where the small baby, has a beneficial effect on his health. It's not even generally known to relieve stress. It may require more assistance to adults. It turns out that the presence of a cat or dog, not only does not cause allergies but also protects it from the road.

The principle is simple. If baby grown in the "hothouse" conditions where it does not have the chance to meet with the allergen, the immune system will be unprepared for a meeting with the allergens in the future. However, we are talking about when animal is in the house since the first days of life. If it does appear later, the risk of allergic reactions increases.

This study conducted a few years ago, the Americans. They found that those children who grew up in a house with cats and dogs, there were fewer allergic predisposition. Doctors performed skin tests for children to allergens, when the presence of redness around the injection site with an allergen solution are judged on a sensitivity to it. Children who are not exposed to animals allergy was detected twice as often.

Furthermore, it was noted that boys that grew in the home with two or more animals have lower immunoglobulin E levels. These antibodies, which are also known as reagin, are directly involved in allergic reactions. The boys also work better light. By the way, for scientists and remains a mystery why the same changes were not found in girls.

From allergies protect not only pets but also "home nelyubimtsy" — mites — and other known allergens, such as pollen. The same principle. They themselves can cause allergies, but if a small child from them hard to protect, it will grow out of it hidden allergies, which give a strong response at the meeting of mites in the house dust or pollen in the future.

This information was presented by German scientists, who found that children in middle-class families more prone to allergies, despite the fact that the situation in the homes better. There are more aware of healthy lifestyles, less likely to smoke, mothers breastfeed longer, the animals live in homes less often. Children no longer sit at home and play on the computer, but do not run the streets, breathing in pollen.

Doctors promote a healthy lifestyle and clean house, and it turned out that it is not always beneficial. There have even been thought of creating a special "mud vaccine", which will replace the child to live chat with puddles, mud and dust in the yard. By the way, there is a similar view about the resistance to infection.

Of course, no one calls to breed in the house of dirt and be cleaned for months. It's also ironic, as the worms infect the child, although it is proved that the parasitic worms reduce sensitivity to allergens. It is better to act wisely and take an example from the Japanese. Suffering from an allergy to cedar pollen, they decided not to treat people and trees. Now they make "vaccination", which drastically reduce the production of pollen.

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