Astapovich — Vasilevich: to prosecute!

Managing society Anton Astapovich once again tries to draw attention to the dilemma, which is ignored by many local government agencies. This is — a violation of the legal framework for the protection of historical and cultural heritage in the reconstruction of the historic center of Minsk.
Anton Astapovich emphasizes that the problem of the destruction of historic monuments did not appear yesterday, but intrigued by the supervisory authorities pretend that nothing unusual is happening. Meanwhile, as stated specials, during work in the historic center of Minsk, which is the historical and cultural value of the 1st category and included in the list of city historical and cultural values, there is a complete violation of the law "On the protection of historical and cultural heritage Republic of Belarus"And international guidance documents.
It deals specifically with houses on the street Revolutionary, Commerce, Cyril and Methodius, in Freedom Square, in a protected area that formally have the status of untouchables. Due to the passive attitude of prosecutorial agencies, noted in an open letter to the Prosecutor General, the process of destruction of the historical legacy becomes irreversible character. Thus, the street Revolutionary, 17 The old building was demolished because it interfered with the construction of a new one. There’s also destroyed the remains of houses number 12 and 14. Ruined house on Komsomolskaya Street, 11-A. Only the efforts of the public managed to keep from hitting pieces of murals of the XIX century in Komsomolskaya, 15.
Virtually all of the ground work in the historic center, celebrates Astapovich — the systematic destruction of the cultural layer, coupled with the unique real culture settlement remains nedasledavanay urban development to be be "historical matrix" for science-based and not random reconstruction:

In the near future the ministry began making function of the type of the Stalinist "troika".

"According to the legal framework, first look for the observance of the law" On the protection of historical and cultural heritage, "the Ministry of Culture should. But the Ministry of Culture it is separate, it generally no hope. Ministry soon began making function of the type of the Stalinist" troika "that signs sentences specifically for settlement of historical and cultural heritage. ‘Cause the last hope — to control and audit, supervisory and law enforcement agencies, but they are also very, very passive behave. In This year destructive process in the historical center of Minsk is gaining such momentum that appeared on for the entire previous history. If indeed this one under the protection of the cultural layer is exported machines without archaeological research, destroyed monuments, both Revolutionary, 17. Violations at the sight. The same Ministry of Culture says that as if they permit all this is not allowed. So that’s a reason to look into violations are brought to justice! "
Anton Astapovich expressed the hope (though rather weak) that the letter will not be again referred to the "Response" to the Ministry of Culture or the Minsk city executive committee. He remembers the situation around the ruined buildings on the street Revolutionary, 17. Appeal to the Prosecutor General of society for illegal acts builder long wandering in the chain of command (the prosecutor’s office of Minsk, the capital of the Central district prosecutor’s office, the police department of the Central district) has not happened yet logical isolation — it was entrusted to police inspectors, who are unlikely to have an impact that may have on own status.
Alert Belarusian Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural divide known historians, architects, art. Notable in the field of special conservation legacy historian Vladimir Denisov says that in the process of structural rearrangements of authentic structures restorers refer to a bad state of the objects. In most cases, it sounds from the mouth just representatives of the Ministry of Culture, which such makarom motivated by the actual destruction of several houses on the street of Commerce, where new buildings are erected Orthodox spiritual and educational center:

…some general works on the restoration is impossible to call.

"As for the statements, there was in a very bad technical condition masonry, it seems, it is still not true. Before starting work, the object stood under the roof, he retains all the design elements. Moreover, several years ago was carried out works on its amplification. By the way, work on these monuments are conducted with the most coarse violations as our national legislation and international regulatory guidance documents. Because if the object dealt almost two floors in order to change the wood floors on concrete (for this) and absolutely kill internal structures to make the latest plyanirovachnuyu structure, some general works on the restoration of this call can not be. "
The biggest real loss in Minsk carries shopping street, Freedom Square (former house № 19-21), the joint City streets with Bilhah International and revolutionary. A settlement of the cultural layer for laying underground utilities second queue parking Nyamiha, said Anton Astapovich in a letter to the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich, held not even hiding, "on a grand scale."

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