Ballot box reminds me wood coffin

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Election of members of the House of Representatives and the results of the vote — a topic that continues to open a discussion, students "Freedom":
Lady: "Not so long ago, elections were held, and true to say — a farce and mercantile falsification. I walked to the polling station in general. Legs are not there. Sickening. Besides, I respect myself."
Lady "Citizens of Belarus, September 28 we made their own choices. Boycott of the regime is a powerful thing. We found the strength within themselves to disobey pressure, cheeky and false regime. I am proud of our people who deserve respect in the eyes of around the world . "
Man: "At the moment none of the most seasoned lukashist not dare to say that we live better Finns, Swedes or Norwegians. So why they are such stubborn persistence pull Belarus not forward, but backwards?"
Sovereign Ukraine: "The word of Ukraine, Ukraine friendly. And I think that it is impossible to recognize the parliamentary elections in Belarus and their results. Long live Belarus and Ukraine glory! Happiness and health Belarusian people. Ukrainians and Belarusians — brothers! "
Madam, Minsk: "Gone elections ended 50 Interest travel benefits. During the eight years gave 105 thousand here and taken."
Man: "The ballot box voters reminds me wood coffin, buried where our voices."
Continue transmitting statements on other topics:
Lady: "President Lukashenko is afraid of opposition. Hence, electoral fraud, and shameless expression."
Man: "The president says: opposition be. But in fact he puts it, and rides in the parliament will not allow. And I, the handicapped, failures added — took and benefits has selected. "
Sovereign Kryskovich, military retiree, Minsk: "Sovereign Pochetaemy Kozulin, I believe in your sincere love for Belarus, the Belarusian people. I have a big request for you. Please refer own home, sweet Byelorussian and constantly talking to her. You will become more and more followers who are ready to go with you to the final victory. "
Another listener asks:
Man: "In real time, all they say that working with the people removed the tax from 9 to 12% of income. So here I am working on contract for the same enterprise. Salary under the employment contract is 270 thousand. I calculate the tax rate of 15%. Second job I have. How do I explain to the tax office, as from 1 January this year working under the contract, equated to employees combining work? I wish to ask through your radio professionals, whether it’s true. "
Responsible economist Mike Zaleski:
"A person must not contact the district tax office and the tax committee, befitting the House of Representatives committee.’s If he wants to hold the position of mufti. If he wants to avoid paying taxes, it should focus on the fact that he has to pay taxes in this amount as the person engaged in one job. "

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