Belarusian football gold — a quarter century

The main coach of Dynamo Minsk was then Eduard Malofeev:
"When you win, always filled with joy. Joy! At this point, remember that satisfaction does not come for free. It certainly asks Foreclosures — sweat, and from time to time and blood requests.’s The whole question."
The main scorer was forward Minskers Igor Gurinovitch (In the picture — his goal in the match with a capital "Spartacus"). Then that he remembered the most?
"The most recent match and when the medals awarded."
Igor Gurinovitch now says that the last game the team came out with the hope of winning. Full conviction of a 2-relevant points, but was not. And when is believed that victory would be?
"If the finish whistle sounded."
After the end of the championship some allied publications, which were common victory or capital Kiev clubs wrote that "Spartacus" and Kiev "Dynamo" not very serious about the fight for "gold". Was it really so? Interested Igor Gurinovich:
"There are a lot of discussions underway that Kiev was tired after the World Cup. At the moment, I would say, was necessary not read about those who were weaker, and who was stronger. I know that we were stronger. And — everything! "
Who was the best player of Minsk "Dynamo" in that memorable championship? On this question last Minsk striker answers:
"Apparently, midfielders: Prokop, Gotz, Deer and Pudikov."
I can only decipher these names: Alexander Prokopenko Sergei Gotsmanov, Sergei and Yuri Olejnikov Pudyshev.
Head of the team (and this was the position at the time) was Leonid Garay. He says that he can remember more than a return to Minsk:
"Come and 6-AM. Privokzalnaya And all the people jammed. Meet us. With banners. This is really an unforgettable memory."

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