How to live in Mogilev disabled view?

Mogilev district, where people with disabilities live, who behold the poor, began to emerge in the fifties of the last century around the special company for the blind.
At the moment it private unitary enterprise "Tsiflos." It employs 500 people, more than half — of people with disabilities.
Deputy Director Valery Karpenko Company believes that people with disabilities view first need a job — and then they will be satisfied with their lives.
And that the company worked, says the Sovereign Karpenko, most importantly — sales of products:
"In the conditions of the market is hard. Whereas before Russian time we had at the appointed time the Council of Ministers to work, at the moment the market — you need to find products and what to produce, and to find markets for themselves. "
The company produces plastic electronic devices, products metalaa and furniture accessories.
The area where the live blind people and their families, in the main built up old houses with small families. In some homes have no toilets — they are in the yard, and the courtyard in summer unbearable stench.
Local blind people to his life not complain. Pensions on prazhytstse missing. On wages they say no. Care, but their nevparadkavanasts domestic territories. They say that they have forgotten God and domakiravannem.
Here are some of submission:
Man: "I do not know all the houses in order.’s Just see what we bench. Sami town to sit. Was good here. We live in this house since 1966. As time goes broke. Was perfectly built here — and table and benches. slaughtered all the drunks, all broke, broke. Simply Barbara. All delves into wine, who vodka. horror to think. "
In the housing repair and maintenance sites said they were going to streamline the terrain compact residence blind by 2010:
"There is a plan, a plan of financing. There is a programm. In This year little asphalted. Second — there repair all enclosures and railings. I so tell, it’s all about money, which are painted before 2010, "- said" Freedom "Department Head Anatoly Patupchyk ordering site.
Mogilev region about 2-thousand blind people. In the Executive Committee they say that the situation of blind people in the Mogilev good. Cancellation of privileges disabled people are not particularly affected. They left housing and communal benefits and free health healing.
Month reversed the district inhabitants gathered 2000 signatures to the local market is not demolished "Dubravenkavski." Mogilev Regional Management Organizations of the Disabled Society had to go to the chairman of the executive committee of the Mogilev Victor Shorikova and explains to him the importance of the market for people who are blind. Whereupon visit the decision to demolish the market was canceled.

Road blind people. Enclosed sidewalk Bands

Courtyard, where blind people live. Midst toilet and dilapidated outbuildings blind people

Mogilev "gift" to the authorities internationally days of blind, 24.10.2007

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