Instead House Museum 1 Party Congress visit comrades Communists Kurapaty

Nicholas Kiev, Russian war party: "Good morning, Radio Freedom! Listen veterans, war participants. Ukraine broadly and deeply noted day of political repression and the Holodomor. President Yushchenko made a long speech in which expressed outrage Stalinist regime for the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Putin also found the opportunity to celebrate the political repression and convey compassion destroyed. Our homeland was held in various places, where he wasand murder, and expressed their concern. Belarusian regime this time Congress has taken great scholars who welcomed like a flock heed it’s own president. Not a word of compassion to those who died, who was a victim of Stalinism. Here is that want we say, veterans, participants of the Russian war. Give us the opportunity to listen to Radio Liberty. "
Lady: "My precious Radio Liberty! I appreciate your work and for your employees always lift up your prayer. Policy I started from the first class and listen through a screen jamming prohibited transmission: "Voice of America", "Deutsche Welle", the Russian service of Radio Liberty. "And since 1991 and I’m listening to you. My sweet and very hot favorite Belarusian Radio Liberty ! thee I natalyayusya and breathe and really looking forward to your broadcast. thee heed not only just people, and supporters of Lukashenka. more for you thank you for your work. "
Misha Baruth: "First 1990 countryman Ales Adamovich said that communism was dead and no longer rise. But, unfortunately, in Belarus, he still continues to live. Gloomy shadows of the past gathered in Minsk on their conference. Instead visit the house-museum of the First Party Congress, where she was born and spread to the world the Bolshevik plague visit Comrades Communists Kurapaty where lie innocently shot 10s of thousands of victims of the totalitarian regime, and repent for the sins of Communism, that is never repeated on our land. "
Lady: "Faster send gratitude to the Emperor Yuri Belenky for reasonable answers that" no holds Lukashenko of Belarus — God it has not yet been released. God would not let her yet, not Lukashenko. "
Madam, Mogilev: "If I had the opportunity to be on the march Soc, I’d been there. But the fact, Mogilev and Minsk that divided the 200 km. And I have at this point 10 thousand to live up to the 10th, because I can not come. And my only benefit — this is public transport. When she needed Lukashenko, let him take it for yourself and buy diphenhydramine, accept at night and napping relaxed, taking away the last crumbs of people. "
Nikolai Mikhailovich, Kiev: "In 1988, Alexander G. was director of the farm, he fought with the tractor drivers, and we," Afghans, "died in the mountains, the deserts of Afghanistan, lost teeth, health, and for the moment we will be deprived of any benefits! Injure and destroy all could not. And Afghans lowered below the toilet.
Pochetaemaya "Freedom," let me ask you through our members, the legislators whose kids were in Afghanistan during the war? We have fought wars, died of infectious diseases, lost teeth, health, spooks us in terrible dream dreams so far. Lord deputies us Afghans lowered so smallish! Honestly made for international duty we were deprived of benefits you pochetaemy Alexander G. ".
Man: "Good idea, as all people in the society and politicians to make peace. After laying flowers at the monument to Lenin in Minsk Communists must go to Kurapaty and also to the place of the former bullpen "American," which destroyed the best sons of Belarus: Writers — charot, Zaretsky and many others. There will need to set candles and lay flowers. A 7-day funny day in November to make the consent of people of different nationalities, religion and politics. Neuzh something Communists coveted nonhumans that never repent before his people? Life still their force. Long live Belarus! "
Ilya Kopil: "Good evening," Freedom! "There was, perhaps, the last in This year opposition rally — Soc march. We must assume that at the moment to begin "Sleeping sickness" until March 25. Soc march differs significantly from Euro march. European march took more decently, its composition was more homogeneous, although there are many shortcomings. On Socialist march were people under various flags: white-red-white — BPF supporters, reddish flags of the past — PKB supporters, Russian tricolor — I do not know, maybe supporters of union with Russia. Involved two very cohesive communities of 100-150 people: under the red and black flag, maybe it was the RNE (ed. — anarchists), white-red-white flag with a black diamond on the reddish field — "Will Snow White." These two groups came to the march to prevent its implementation. "Will Snow White" and RNE (ed. — anarchists) were in the majority in the police shod boots on their heads — monotonous dark knit cap, were very tough and cheeky. "Snow White Will" shouting slogans "Glory Civilization," "the glory of victory," "No — liberalism!" Cried once, but uncertainly "BNF — to Kurapaty!." After a fight between these communities, "Snow White Will" was ordered outside throw Marsh. Their were talkies. universamam Before "Riga" they turned their flags and gone. Thanks for your attention. "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom! "More for you thank you for everything.’s What my recollection, I knew I would not be released from the regional centers to march in Minsk Soc. How sensed spent at the computer, but the main thing here is that. Such marches should be done more often, at least, maybe once a month. This action is very delicious. And now if someone else did not, or could, or doubt what he will go tomorrow and the day after. This Now is the best remedy against the government. Optimus not find lately. Thank you very much. Respectfully. "
Man: "As you listen to the radio or look Belarusian telly formed impression that all European and not only European countries began to turn to cooperate with us. Frame to us, just like a horn of plenty, from all sides go overseas investments. If all this corresponds to reality, ask a common question: why are we so poor live, and where in this case means disappear? It is possible that our nationwide elected "leader" quietly adds them to discover in the pocket. It’s a pity that we have no tax in Belarus that would dare check Lukashenka, so to speak, "on vashyvasts." Check because they inspect business that for every penny should report to give. Because it becomes clear why so Alexander G. clings to his chair and wants to transfer his inheritance. "
Lady: "Good evening, Radio Liberty. Here are just listened on the radio "Prague accent." And you know, I listen and think how well people with hand to give advice and make judgments. Suppose they offered any event, expressed his worldview, that assist the opposition. They know perfectly well what criteria works in our opposition: it abplyavanaya she humiliated … From time to time people do not believe our opposition, as our imperative structure is constantly trying to humiliate and show the futility of our opposition. Because to give any advice, it would be better helped our opposition in organizational matters. Just good for you. Doskorogo goodbye. "
Constant listener: "History repeats itself. Initially a disaster, drama, and later as a farce. Lukashenko — a historian by training. So here it is with all great stories remembered" popgaponavshchynu. "Provocateur was such, Gapon.’s Exactly as he repeated when there was a skirmish between young people. Cooked had sticks. Suppose he does not think that the Belarusian people will not understand what was wrong. Belarusian people already understood. He’s ready. He has
matured to, to spit on this wild, terrible policies and express his attitude during the vote. Such will, mark my words. Since this priest Gapon will still continue. And about Belarusians have such walks funny story. If on the table, where there was a nail, got a Russian, he jumped up and ran away. Sel Ukrainians on the nail — "Oh!" Took it, put in the pocket — maybe in the economy need. Took Belarusian — somehow bad, roll, pavyartsevsya well and says: "Surely, as necessary …" Already about us fools in this regard, inventing funny stories. And, sure, right do. So patience is over. This certainly. vyluzvalisya As radio and television, to show how not enough people turned up! "
"Your listeners are outraged that Belarus gathered representatives of the Communist parties of Europe and other countries. I believe and it is so that the brightest ideas of communism. But we, unfortunately, equate them with a gang of Stalin. They are two different things. Optimus society than communist society, its standards of equality, etc., was not to the same until it is. And here, I believe that Lukashenko is absolutely right. I support him in that he has proposed to us. And it is very bad when our opposition can not differentiate. We just keep the idea of the "cool war" against the Communist Party, which is the lightest. Razbyarytsesya impartially, but you can not. you servants of America … "
Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty, a good day! Painful and shameful that the day will celebrate the October Revolution. Bolsheviks organized a real war against its own people. It is inhuman destroyed most intelligent and hardworking people, forbidding children are not spared. You read the best pieces, courageous and excellent sound books Yakovleva "Twilight," and soul bleeds. Every 2nd Belorussian peasant was dispossessed, uprooted from the nest and thrown in Siberia or the North with the children, the elderly on liquidation. Are individual managers who pretend that have not heard of the Bolshevik genocide. Now Belarus without any traces disappear opposition politicians, many dissidents jailed, majestic huge number of young activists on trial. What cynicism! Naveshvaetstsa fake charges "obscene language." I am heart and soul with you young men and maidens, our heroes Belarus. During the search, I’m sure the future of native Belarus. Long live Belarus! "
Lady: "Yesterday I listened to your release and transfer you asked me to convey to you own the address. May the address: Grodno region Novogrudskij district, p and Volkovichi, d. Rudka-2, Mazur L. Rice. It was my transmission, in which I said the truth. And I always I speak only the truth that can not tolerate much our president and the chairman of our executive committee. I have a request from all the inhabitants of the village: we ask return our farm. Launched it, zarastsili weeds, grasses and trees. All buildings on farms currently in disrepair. We all wish to appeal to our president, that it was shameful that he gave permission for it to our bureaucrats. Our fist at the meeting said: "Give birth babies!" Older people who, for 70 years! I was even at the moment it’s all fun to retell. I asked him why nothing is built to come youth. He replied that this overgrown village potions weeds. Of pierced my soul and the soul of all the inhabitants of that cost to protect human rights. We ask from the entire village: return our farm! Return our technique! Return our land! Return our strength, our youth, fled to the town! "
Lady: "Hail, pochetaemaya" Freedom! " I’ll listen to you. Now one person states that emerged in advance, benefits have not yet withdrawn. So I agree with him. There is a saying: "Do not feed the dog then how to go hunting." Must prepare in advance. And well done that and came prepared. Help does not help … But maybe it will help. Cancel just terrible for us, beneficiaries … it must somehow ask not to do so because it is impossiblecan be live. Oh, how hard it is! .. Thank you for your attention. "

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