It is not Christian — evidence against his friends

Young lady: "In 1937, many of which beat out indications, and people were put in jail, shot, because I think it’s pretty brave move by Dashkevycha. Though in 1937 shot and those who did not give any testimony. But formally they can now judge Dashkevycha because they cling to it. "
Young Man: "Yes, in this country in general there is no freedom, no elections, no nothing. And our government — it seems to be not quite our government. This is my world. "
Young Man: "In our country, in my opinion, many of the same things accomplished. I think what you need to change something. But those who try it, put behind bars, and authorities are trying to keep them farther. It’s not fair, I would said person tries to do something for own country, and his in jail. This is not normal. "
Youth of sixteen: "Better, of course, always read the truth. According to the laws of the country, if you refuse to give pakanni, not helping the investigation, it is illegal. Should always help the investigation."
Student: "It resembles the 1930s. Could not entertain the fact that oppressed youth favorites. Because I think that’s not quite right for it Dashkevycha judge."
His friend: "I believe that this political game. Must be Youth Union, and other organizations should be. Most likely, this is incorrect — judge favorite "Young Front".
Man: "Of course, we can not vorachivatsya in 1937, it was a terrible time for all of our former country, and even more Belarus. Man has the right to their own worldview and to ensure that it is completely free to speak. "
Young Man: "It is clear that he is on trial for his beliefs. You know what reality regime in Belarus. Not surprisingly, that the communist power, it did not invent anything new, as judged sincere Belarusians devotees own homeland. Tribunal we insincere impose on justice is not necessary, its just unwilling to break. Orthodox I myself, and I believe that it is not Christian — evidence against anyone, even more so against their friends. "
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