Ivashkevich: Taboo from the area photographed Kalinowski

Summing up the Euro and the Public marches and processions on Dzyady Deputy chairman of the Party BPF Viktor Ivashkevich said:
"Through dialogue demonstrative proposal from the opposition, thanks to diplomatic pressure the European Union and also thanks to the courage of people who responded to the call of the opposition this fall we managed to achieve a de facto constitutional right of freedom demonstrations: only in Minsk, only in certain several days.
But yet taboo area with Kalinowski photographed. Yesterday, a few people were free to go and Independence Square. And this ultimately a combination of several areas of pressure on the government — the presence of the protesters themselves and determination to go out; diplomatic pressure the EU and our open appeal to the authorities that we are ready to have a conversation with them.
And it knocks gun from his hand, because to use repression against people who offer dialogue — it is immoral to As the last in the eyes of European politicians. "

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