L.Ermoshina: Elections can be evaluated positively

According Yarmoshina, "Our homeland assigns them very crucial, since all electoral commissions padryhtvalisya very badabout. Moreover, they have cooperated intensively with all observers. We did not notice any obstacles that would interfere with the observation.
Two of the most wonderful parts of this campaign — it first arganizavanasts, the highest voter turnout and lack of incidents that would hinder the election campaign. "
Yermoshina said that "elections can be evaluated positively."
Lidia Yermoshina before visiting polling stations in Moscow and the polls at the stations. It directed attention the fact that This year "were prepared unprecedented security measures. "By observing this" created certain obstacles to skip voters to the polls. "
Lidia Yermoshina said that the areas were observers from the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.
Head of the Belarusian Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina expressed relatively new electoral rules in Russia. She said, in Belarus "Also there is a debate about the ability of voting by party lists." But Ms. Yermoshina said:
"While I believe that the majority system is more transparent, because it gives voters more capacity in order to know for whom he votes."

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