Lukashenko Europe puts forward unacceptable conditions

According to "Interfax", Lukashenko said: "Europe is unwilling to normal relations with Belarus, as the EU has gone too far and now can not get out of it to save face."
"Enough determination EU do, we will sit at the same table, to engage in dialogue, to be closer. We do wish, but the EU does not want it, and puts forward unacceptable conditions, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
As you know, the management of the European Union soon not once been in favor of the expansion of contacts with Belarus. But Europeans expect steps Belarusian authoritiesfirst release political prisoners.
• H. Schmid: the release of political prisoners — a key to the normalization of relations with the European Union, 24.11.2007 • Cancel whether the EU sanctions against Belarusian officials?, 17.10.2007 • Reveransy Minsk in the West will be completed in the negotiations with Moscow on gas?, 16.10.2007 • Yuri Drakakhrust "Belarusian authorities expect from Europe retaliatory steps ", 14.10.2007 • The Belarusian Foreign Ministry," reads the opening date of the Commission’s office in advance until "11.10.2007

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