MP Davydko doubted white-red-white flags?

Mass events currently legally prohibited from organizing "organizations whose activities have been suspended in accordance with legislation."
In the midst of the political opposition to the ban already flagged the Belarusian Communist Party, whose activities the Ministry of Justice stopped for 6 months.
Secretary of the Central Design Bureau Valery Ukhnalev says that in the near future on behalf of any official party shares not held:
"We have stated Soc march from individuals. I, at least, was one of the applicants. But party symbols on the march, we could not stand, used the motto. And our Communists participated in the action as citizens Republic of Belarus.
We have rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. And that no matter what party we are, or generally non-partisan. "
Interested interlocutor either difficult to organize actions in the status of individuals?
"Of course, of course. And why such a ban? To make artificial and possible more obstacles in order to parties could work. "
Applicants mass actions now will certainly ensure that they have confirmed that they are citizens of the Republic of Belarus and have gained 18 years of age.
Previously, as read rostrum with Interior Minister Naumov, did not, because from time to time there are different conflicts.
BPF deputy head Viktor Ivashkevich argues that party members are always serious about filing:
"To be honest, I really surprising that it only accepted. I was convinced that the application for a meeting may submit only adult, only citizens of Belarus. There was such options, that representatives of the democratic forces retreated from that. "
Now the legislation in this area for the first time completed the articles "for the preparation, preservation, implementation and dissemination of Nazi, fascist, and like her symbols and paraphernalia." It will be withdrawn, and the guilty will be punished by a fine of 10 to 250 basis values.
In the law, but not spelled out the definition of these symbols and paraphernalia, no samples.
KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin deputies said that such symbols will define specific specialists.
By this occasion MP Gennady Davydko last Kupala theater director, asked:
"But, for example, white-red-white flag. It is not considered extremist or Nazi symbols?"
What KGB chairman said
"We’re talking about Nazi symbols and Nazi symbols. Instead of …"
Viktor Ivashkevich believes that fascism and Nazism should be put obstacles:
"It seems everything is right. But in fact everything is depending on zakonaprymyanennya — as usual. Nevyraznasts Because she hides inside of rights violations."
Extremism online and invizible, 16.08.2007 • The House of Representatives passed a law "On Countering Extremism", 11.11.2006

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