Now is not the KGB, with whom I had to face 40 years ago

In the post "Freedom" that we received last week — a letter to the arguments about the latest political and economic actions, with a story about personal dilemmas thinking about the fate of Belarus.
I’ll start a conversation with current posts Sergei Gashkevicha from Minsk:
"Thousand and thousands of the most talented and professional people in search of the best bit of the future and worthy of their own kids and myself are obliged to leave their homeland. Hundreds and hundreds of times a year commit suicide, finding no way out of the humiliating position.
Persons potentially unsafe mode, with its point of view, ready to fight, in Belarus are identified and discredited. For this authority uses the dirtiest tricks.
I think even in Belarus operates a special program to identify such people. Now we know and talk about a lot of this. I believe that this is only the beginning, and the world will find out a lot more about the fascinating and hidden komploty pressure technology, allows ministers regime to remain in power and win the so-called "elections."
Big thanks to Alexander Kozulin, Christine Shatsikava, Dmitry Dashkevich, Andrei Klimov, and many others for decisive action. Thanks to all who struggle for freedom standards. "
So, Sergei, a significant portion of our gear is devoted specifically these topics. It is unclear, but in Belarus created some special programm identify dissidents, potentially unsafe mode.
Names of people who have the courage to engage in public activities and defend their eyes, nice views from the authorities, well known. Their activities — in sight. Agencies do not need to develop any special programs from the search.
Another thing is that against these people, who openly defend their legitimate rights civilians, often used the full power of the repressive machine.
Last week in our air more than once mentioned the topic of the October Revolution of 1917. 7 November the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution noted in Belarus as a municipal prazdnichek.
Our listener Andrey Smirnov from Minsk does not agree with many of the events of 1917 estimates, heard on "Freedom":
"You can not call this a coup date. It was a real revolution that changed the entire political and economic history of the world. Who knows, would now be in France and Italy, the 35-hour working week, or he would have been, say 60 hours. A such can be fully.
Specifically, the horror of world communism forced employers to liberalization under ordinary worker. Now we envy the lives of ordinary workers these countries, but many of these gains inspired by the example of the October Revolution.
The date itself has allowed us to move from a "Northwest Territory" in Belarus. When you save an old Russian empire, no matter how many runs out March 25, all participants in such meetings would always hit in Siberia, no options.
In addition, we must not forget that in the former Soviet Union after the revolution was distributed land to the peasants. Selected later this land did not the people who had the main impact during the revolution itself.
USSR did not immediately reincarnated as an evil empire. And even the existence of Belarus as part of the country is not always mixed with the oppression of national consciousness. Was the same and the first half of the 1920s, Belarusization.
You can also recall that in parallel multi-million circulation Masherova "Evening Minsk" on Russian language published only a few hundred copies in Belarusian. And this completely losing money hand with business is also making power.
So it’s not quite in the dates and slogans. Fact, exactly who manages and takes decisions. Does he interested in byelorussization country, like his power may be called — Russian or "socially oriented Belarusian".
Clarify, Andrew in October 1917, the Russian Empire was not. The Bolsheviks seized power against the will of the monarch is not, and at the latest temporary bourgeois government of the Russian Federation, which began in February after spending the country’s democratic transformation.
At the moment, one can often hear the statement, Belarus, as well as other national outskirts of the former Russian Empire, initially received autonomy (and seventy years, and thanks to her independence) just as a result of the October Revolution.
But a look at the broader European action that period. First global war, a severe economic crisis, awakening national consciousness of the peoples of Eastern and Southern Europe, and in the end — all empires collapse of the European continent.
It was an impartial historical process, which eventually appeared in Europe for more than 10 independent states. Among them could be and Belarus. That she vosprepyadstvovalo?
Or not the Bolsheviks strangled Belarusian People’s Republic, and not a concession to the national movement was forced to create the Bolsheviks BSSR?
You’re right, Andrew: Action October 1917 were significant for the history, including for the history of Belarus. But for some reason almost all the peoples of the former USSR and Eastern Europe November 7 if and note only as a day of memory and sorrow, and exclusively in Belarus is the municipal prazdnichek.
Created subsequent huge sheet Misha Zaharevich from Minsk knows longish story own misunderstanding with the authorities.
It all started with some domestic conflict which sovereign Zaharevich mentions in passing, is unclear. Report only that it served for 15 days, and then again was summoned to the court, where he was told that he was also fined 310 thousand rubles.
"Sinyachok unknown origin has led not only to arrest, but also on the monthly pension" — outraged sovereign Zaharevich and began a struggle for justice.
Quote listener story about how he found the truth in the KGB:
"I said," You do not just spies and traitors should identify, and respond appropriately to the abuse of those in power that people have this power does not cause disgust. "
An employee who is perceived me, reluctantly revised one-page appeal to the presidential administration, and later found two court orders — and advised to hire a lawyer.
I made an objection: "For I am his employment when 58 thousand paid for prison gruel, and another 310 thousand will be deducted from your pension?" "Well, it is cheap," — threw interlocutor.
On his desk lay a sheet of the "Code of honor of an officer of the KGB." I asked for one to learn. Repeatedly argued with the opposition and stated that would enter into that party ideology-religion which would be a code of honor.
"No, it’s not for everyone" — made objection KGB officer and grabbed the sheets in the box. And what was on the honor kegebistov hidden when it is impossible to know about people?
"No, not the reality of the KGB, which I faced 40 years ago, although not at a good will," — I said, stepping back. 40 years ago I was called back: enrolled denunciation. "
Maybe Zaharevich sovereign, and the truth your conflict with the law is not a big danger to state security? You do not bring information about spyware and not "compromising" on favorites opposition …
Although, in general, if passed all the courts, the administration and Consulates UN — where else to turn to?
At the end of a letter from the village Dubrova Svetlahorsk district in which more than one year on the basis of public anonymous creators of the village is independent newspaper published "Dubrovsky mood." Here is the information from the latest issue sent from a village in the address "Freedom":
"With the best intentions of a local director, naively believing in magic and shamanism advertising luck and coded from drinking good men — hoping to get to the latifundia padramantavanuyu labor.
And this encrypted workforce certain time regular
ly held abstynentsyi. But as it turned out that the coding came with her pocket, then took off here and encoding spell again and zatsundila zazhluktsila. Conclusions:
First Director — not a bad person, an altruist. Second Genetics not mastered. 3rd Prices encryption from drinking very highest. Need fourth municipal programm coding for people living in neakamunizme — agricultural settlements.
Reflect only: the world’s best builders of communism many years built a "bright future" and spavzli again to the LTP coding and anti-alcohol. "
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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