Penalties: USA — bad cop, the EU — good?

Tsigankov: "How can this be an effective step of the South American government? Could this change the political behavior of the official Minsk? "
Fedorov: "While difficult to say how much it cost to Belarus. Seems that not much, because we have them in general very significant economic affairs. Based on this side, one can imagine that the specific economic impact will not be very significant.
In the political sphere, of course, is a tremendous irritation from the Belarusian side, criticism and so on. I do not exclude that it is only preparatory steps from the United States, and Washington the same time points, which can be do something more influential and nasty for Belarusian hand "
Tsigankov: "Representatives of the European institutions are increasingly coming to Belarus, louder there are discussions about any negotiations between management and the Belarusian Europeans and the U.S. are enough to turn more confrontational acts sanctioning. Can I read that the U.S. policy and the European Union to official Minsk is different, and is inconsistent? "
Fedorov: "I would not say that this policy is so different. Maybe we remember that summer as the European Union imposed sanctions for the violation of trade union rights in Minsk. Bolshennom About divide is not read, yet differences were observed.
I do not exclude that between the U.S. and the European Union is a division of functions — the "good cop" and "bad cop." Maybe Minsk wish to show that if it is behave such makarom — he will be fine, if not — and the other side can switch to a confrontational type of behavior. This can be completely ".
• Matskevich Economist: "The U.S. sanctions will be very painful ", 13.11.2007
• The United States has imposed financial sanctions against "Belneftekhim", 13.11.2007

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