Post count the votes — it humiliate Belarusian people

"Post count the votes — it humiliate Belarusian people. "
President of Belarus said during the election people responded and said Westerners true: "If climb own business, then we will respond in their own way."
As said Alexander Lukashenko, the election showed that "in our society now reduced the number of people who thought that Europe awaits us with gaping open arms." In the opinion of Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus Europe wanted to create a "politically unstable".
Alexander Lukashenko believes that the election may affect the development of the dialogue with the West:
"Past parliamentary elections showed very transparency and democracy in our system, the commitment of the people elected power rate. They open up the ability for the development of relations with the West. Samasupakoyvatstsa but not necessary. I wanted to show our individual bureaucrats, businessmen, individual conscious citizens that our business with the West — this is not the case with the West Lukashenko, it is not Lukashenko. I decided to play their game, I ordered all let into the country. I wanted to show them what you need Europe from us. "

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