Protestant believers temporarily will not let officials in their own temple

Pastor of the church "New Life" Vyacheslav Goncharenko said "Freedom" that he sent a letter to the head of department in unavoidable situations, Metropolitan of Minsk Nikolai Baranovsky. He warned bureaucrat that temporarily representatives of its establishment will be limited access to the building until the judgment in the case of believers.
Recall that in 2002 the faithful have caught on the outskirts of Minsk last collective farm barn and repaired at their own expense. In 2005 Minsk authorities forbade conduct worship there, and in 2006 — transferred to the account of the church about 17 thousand dollars compensation for the building. For these funds believers could not even buy a studio apartment. October 9 of them, according to government regulation, had release building.
In protest believers began a 23-day hunger strike. In the end, a matter of believers engaged in the Supreme Economic Tribunal. He canceled a previously adopted an eviction believers and depriving them of earth wore, but the final decision to This time not accepted.
Pastor Slava Goncharenko says:
"The situation is a little worrying us. Just wanted to address the issue. I would not want napruzhannastsi because it asks a lot of resources. In the end, 21. It’s time to change your thinking our country . "
Church lawyer Sergei Lukanin said "Freedom":
"During the week there were a few surprise visits by representatives of the different services. This situation reminded us just what happened in Last year, when we almost took away our building. So at the moment they arrived on 4 machines: minibus with police and "jeep" with some with 2 young people civil camera. They all tried to enter the building. For us this situation yavna. We will continue to look carefully at all of this, that our building was in our hands. "
In last year’s hunger strike attended by believers of other Protestant churches. They are closely watching the situation around the building on the street Kovalev, that in the case of new attempts to deprive the faithful of the temple, to show their solidarity with the faithful of the church "New Life".
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