Russian language at Eurovision — a temporary phenomenon?

1st place Alex Zhigalkovich directly to the final results shared with the children’s band from Armenia "Arevik". Lithuania has decided the fate of the favorite, who put adjoining Belarus highest score — 12 points. Young man himself says that his hopes of winning, but believed in it only after the announcement of results:
"At first I did not believe that prevailed. Indeed gap between Belarus and Armenia was only 1 point. Fact, I beheld bad screen, because until recently did not know who and how many points scored. Only after some time I saw — Belarus defeated! It was super! "
Alexey Zhigalkovich sang in the Russian language "With Friends". Two years back the mozyryanki Ksenia Sitnik was also the first in the past year, its success almost Andrei repeated Kunets — and here the newcomer win.
Significantly, afterdnie three years all Belarusian representatives junior "Eurovision" sung in Russian. At the same time the bulk of the contestants performed the work on its own official languages, including those who pushed Alex pedestal. Why whiteRussian language from the repertoire of the participants actually vykraslenaya?
First and the last, who sang on "Eurovision" in Russian, was in 2003 Olga Satsiuk. Then she brought Belarus first significant success, finishing in 4th place.
Vocalist "Yar" Masha Yar, though singing in Belarusian, but to the language selection applies artists fairly quiet:
"In which language to sing? Know, I always take it further: let people speak the language in which he wants and he feels comfortable saying. And he should be free to choose what he wants to do. ‘Cause there must be the right choice. Suppose arbiter in this act by someone else, I do not constructive conclusions wish … "
Song luggage already mentioned Olga Satsiuk almost all based on the songs is popular with the folk-rock group "Palace". Now "Palace" in the number 15 began preparing for the best "adult" singing contest "Eurovision-2008" in Belgrade. Favourite band Oleg Khomenko said that at the end of the qualifying round prepared composition "mill wheel."
"Before leaving for the competition Olga sang very many of our specific" palatsavskih "songs. But in the end it was decided that it would be more popular song, is not close to folklore. And in fact it was dimensioning, so you just have to was done.
As for the language, the Russian song in the repertoire, I believe — this case temporary. Why do I think so? After all the same Serbiya that year at Prof. performers vividly demonstrated which can be singing in the Slavic language and it also can be a victory. "
Reporter: "Your song you cook as competitive, or will be in the UK, maybe in Belarusian?"
"We provide the song a hundred percent in the Belarusian language. Not even in principle, what it will take place. The main thing at this festival sounded Belarusian-language song."
Let me remind you that the highest place of Belarus in the adult vocal competition "Eurovision" — the sixth. It in This year took Belarusian singer Dmitry Warlock.
Follow Competition Junior "Eurovision" will be held in Cyprus.

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