Sale of alcohol wish to limit

"We have now a day is virtually identical to the night"
Head of Prevention of the Ministry Interior Nikolay Drozd talked to him, that such proposals due to a planned fight with n» drunkenness:
"The main goal is to not spoyvalisya people that they spirtazmyashchalnyh these and other liquids are not former customers. All this a cheap … I believe that time is quite, for 13 hours of problems no one in the store does not appear! And invite guests after 22’s — it’s not perfect. We now day is virtually identical to the night. funny day and drink and drink NIGHT MODE. And even have the opportunity to buy — no problems. And so, maybe someone and suspend. Nowhere. Well, no. "
According to Nikolai Drozdov, proposed to ban the sale of 22 to 9 o’clock in the morning all alcoholic beverages — from expensive to low alcohol as beer.
But it may be that the sale of alcohol will intensively grandmother?
"I do not exclude that there will. I do not see any problems. We dealt with them and are passionate about, and even more aggressively passionate about, and accordingly there has responsibility. Very tough. And grandma will respond if it is to do."
The Interior Ministry also proposes to introduce administrative responsibility for drinking alcohol, not only in public places, and at work. As responsible for the occurrence is proposed to introduce at work in an intoxicated state.
Nikolay Drozd admitted that in this respect there is disagreement with the Ministry of Justice, but did not specify their content.
As the police are going to control such offenses in the workplace?
"It’s more under control is to keep control of the organization. After all, his responsibility is also discussed there. People also come to us, there are people who hold an active current position. And we have this information. Later we will go and inspect."
"They came and looked at least that is done after 12"
In Minsk supermarketse "European" uttered, that at the moment not conduct trade liquor from 24 to 8 o’clock in the morning. One of the saleswomen spoke on the proposal militiamen
"We do not like the proposal. Indeed, a lot of questions from buyers then. Before do something, need to see how it looks from the outside. Would come and looked, makingsmiling after 12 when this coupon is locked. With half-past eleven we begin to warn buyers of the 12-minute sale of alcohol is prohibited. "
Reporter: "Very long queues to stand?"
Saleswoman: "Yes. Not that some — decent people, decent, everyone has their own issues. I believe that is not an option. Necessary somehow different to solve the problem."

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