SHP Losevo — one of the fastest growing dairy enterprises of Leningrad region

LLC "SHP Losevo" was established in November 2006 on the basis of JSC "Pine Hill".

6 years ago the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, the lands were going to sell out, and send to the meat of cows. Competent policy of doing things and the responsibility for domestic production allowed the current owners of the farm to bring it to a whole new, self-sustaining level.

LLC "SHP Losevo" refers to agricultural enterprises and is a producer of natural milk and dairy products. 

The main activity of the enterprise is to breed cattle and milk processing.

Below is a description of the production from the official site.


Dairy farm

The farm "Losevo" lives 1,345 head of cattle.

The current population belong to golshtinizirovannogo Black Pied breed, considered one of the best manufacturers of dairy products. The farm has a maternity ward, where the cows and calves live for some time after birth. Their artificially inseminated, which ensures a stable herd. Also, experts are closely watching the plant so that the parents of the future calf were are closely related. Each cow is not only an identification number, but the name. In herd is Esmeralda, furniture, Aprelka, Kefir, and many other beauties.


After the completion of milking, milk transport, yet full of warm fresh milk sent to the factory. It is located in the neighboring village and consists of six departments: milk receiving shop, hardware shop, starter shop, cheese shop, bottling and packing shop. Over the dairy delicacies dairy employs 40 people. It technologists, microbiologists, chemists, technicians, workers in shops, operators, tvorozhnitsy, fasovschitsy, implementors.



To cook the most dairy products requires a special ferment milk. It can be of different types and is used for various types of dairy products. Sourdough purchased in Moscow, the Research Institute of Dairy Industry and the Research Institute Gabrichevskogo.

Later in the laboratory of dairy they are transplanted, enliven, raise, breed new. Sourdough introduced in the vessel where it runs from 6-12 hours, depending on the product. Kefir starter, for example, turns the milk into the diet product for 10 to 12 hours, and the milk becomes yogurt after 8:00 ripening. All leaven alive, hence the shelf life of products is small, as it should be at this dairy — 5 days.

The company has its own fleet of cars, refrigerators (refrigerators), through which chilled packaged products are delivered to the point of sale. 



The breeding herd


 Ltd. SHP "Losevo" is a tribal loudspeaker federal breeding cattle golshtinizirovannogo black and white breed. 

  • Just SHP "Losevo" 1345 cows that give about 16 tons of milk per day. 
  • To fertilize our cows used seed bulls of high world level.
  • The productivity of cows in an average of 8 million kg of milk per lactation. 
  • Productivity mothers of bulls used for insemination, and more than 12 thousand kg of milk per lactation. 
  • The genetic potential of the herd of 12 million kg of milk per lactation. 
  • On average, the company sells about 72 heifers. 
  • Average price: 210 rubles. per 1 kg of body weight.

 Just look at how clean barns! (Note the authors.)












By the way with these berries.



Sour Cream 15-20%.




And lots of other tasty and healthy.



ps And they have the kindest twitter account: Cow Ryazhenka

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